Sunday, 13 August 2017

Teenager brains

The three articles mainly talked about how teenagers have brains that are developing a lot throughout there time as teens. The result of this being that teenagers tend to make worse decisions, are much more sensitive emotionally and lack the ability to foresee consequences of their actions.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Personal Wellness Inventory

Overall I got a score that was over 175 and so apparently I am very stable mentally. I think that this is true as I have been more positive lately in most of the things I do and so I think that this result shows that I really am being more positive in most things I do, I have been able to lower the amount of stress I normally would get from doing school things or even games or other social things. I think that I could still work on this aspect of my life (mentally) and improve on this for example I could really work on how I could keep comparing myself with others less and less because most of the time, this is what stops me from doing something that I want to do, going after an opportunity and overall making the most progress I could do.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

extended hub activity

3 things that I have thrown out in the last week and how I could of used them:

  • Candy wrapper
decoration for junk art
  • A can
Metal bits for crafting
  • muffin cup
Use it for fire fuel


What Is being contributive?
Contributive can mean a variety of things such as giving things to people that will be helpful to them or something just as simple as taking some time out of your day to help someone out with something, As long as your giving something then you are being contributive.

How was the fundraiser contributive?
I think that our hub was contributive by doing the fund raiser because we are helping out someone in need and we are giving something to help her out.

blog about being recourseful

What does resourceful mean?
I think that being resourceful is using your surroundings and using what has been offered to
you to accomplish what you need to do.

why and how can it be useful/important?
The skill can be very useful in your everyday life because there are so many situations daily where you need to be resourceful and figure things out with the things available to you.

How might I be resourceful at school? in other places?
In places like school or home, I could be recourseful by being able to get information about a subject from the internet, or I could ask a teacher about something and overall I could just use whatever that is available to me in order to complete my task.

Habit I would add and why

One big habit that I would like to add to my life is to wake up early and perhaps sleep earlier to support this habit. I think that adapting to this habit will be very useful for me because of how it will free up a lot of space in the morning and it will help me do things without rushing them in the morning and I will overall feel better and more energised. I think that just sleeping earlier could mostly help me adapt to this habit but I may also need to slowly get rid of devices at night to support earlier sleeping. A way I could do this is to maybe sleep 10 minutes earlier each day and slowly start waking up earlier in the mornings with an alarm or something like that. Overall this would make me feel much better in the mornings and throughout the day but also, I think that it would be healthier for my mind because the free time in the morning could help clean my mind a bit for the day and help me relax more.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Personality test

In the personality test I got adventurous and I think that most of its characteristics match me for example I am more of a reserved person rather than outgoing because I don't have a big desire for contact with others and I am more susceptible to mental strain rather than physical strain. I really like to be with others that I know but I don't like big groups of people that I don't know. I like to take risks in things I enjoy like games or other things and I tend to only try hard at things I have a passion for.