Sunday, 7 May 2017

Report thoughts

I feel very good about my report because it was good. Although it showed me that some classes need more effort, I could see that the classes I enjoy had a lot more effort put in naturally.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

About personal excelence

One idea I found in this article was that people who have the habit of not trying and not putting much effort, its the mediocrity that defines who they are, but for people who have personal excellence, that is what defines them and it is how people will remember them as. I found this interesting because I never thought of it as it is how people will remember you.

This article made me think about how important personal excellence really is and how others can really affect how motivated you stay.

This helped me understand that comparing with others isn't what you have to do to see whether or not you are excelling at something, but that you are the one who makes the call on what is excell and what is not.

I will be able to use the idea that.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

My hub inquiry and goal

My overall goal:
How might I take risks by exploring/taking new and upcoming opportunities? How might I be able to get more motivated and as a result, be much more resilient? How might I develop a more risk taking mindset and also implement that more creative and resilient mindset into my daily life?

My goal sheet:

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

personal and acedemic goals

  • Imagining
  • Creative
  • Adventurous
  • Resilient

Personal goal:
To test by implementing creative, adventurous and resilient in action.

To focus by identifying needs and opportunities.

  • strategising
  • resilient
  • purposeful
  • creative
  • focus

Academic goal:
To test by implementing resilient, purposeful, creative, focus

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

pie chart

My hub created a pie chart for each person about their strengths ad weaknesses based on the herrmann cards. creativity, being organised, relatable and strategizing. We are doing this to see what we can each focus on to improve our learning and get back into the mindset of learning after our long holidays.

What does this say about me?
For me I just chose 2 of each colour so the pie chart shows that I am a bit balanced on everything.

What does it tell me about how I learn?
It tells me that I am not strong in one particular area, I am going to work on a very balanced level.

How might I use this in classes?
I could use this in classes by being able to work with a balance of everything so I won't be to good or to bad with my average working state.

What am I not so good at yet? 
I would say that I am least good at being creative.

What things in particular might I focus on?
I would want to focus on being more creative and being able to come up with more original ideas more quickly and confidently.

How can I do this is class?
I could challenge myself to join more classes and do more creative mind demanding activities.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mountain biking

Last Wednesday we went mountain biking and I really enjoyed it as it was my first time. A highlight was going down the big hills because of how it was really fun going down really fast. I think that I was being resilient by going forward even when I thought it would be really hard and trying things that seemed intimidating. the first course we went on was the family track and then we went up a big hill and did a course called togs,togs undies and I really enjoyed that because of how there were a lot of big hills and it was more relaxing then tiring.

Overall I think that it was a great experience that I found really fun and challenging sometimes, I would totally do it again.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Blog about resilience

How I would explain resilience to the blue toad:
Resilience is a skill that you need in life to overcome obstacles or difficulties. Resilience is when you will try even if you are facing something very challenging and the whole point of resilience is that you give it your best even after you fail until you succeed but succeeding isn't the case most of the time so you will have to except that there are somethings you cant do, but overall it is just about trying your best even if you don't think you can do it.

How resilient am I in school and other activities?
I think I am more resilient at home then at school because of just how there is the feeling of more time at home and not much pressure. At school I wouldn't say im not resilient but I do tend to give up quite easily but with things like guitar or other outside of school activities I tend to be very patient.

I think that I have overall written fairly simply about what I am more resilient at then other activities and I have showed what I understand about resilience.

What skills might be useful to help me personally grow my resilience? why?
I think that being able to see the bigger picture of things would make me more resilient and looking only at the positive outcomes of the things that seem challenging and not thinking about the negatives but overall I think that having a lot of patience can help you on your resilience as well especially when you are learning something new.